Effective Programs & Services for Dyslexia

Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic, Inc is an online and in-person clinic that focuses on helping students who have dyslexia or struggle with accurate reading, writing and spelling.

We provide a caring and nurturing environment that encourages students to challenge themselves and persevere through hard work and determination.

We provide a safe space where a student is allowed and even encouraged to take risks without fear of judgement. We meet the student where he is changing our teaching strategies to meet the needs of the student

Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic Inc
Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic Inc

Our Methods

Our methods and techniques are well researched and reliable. We are confident in delivering successful, positive changes that benefit the child and the parents. We utilize the following systems for teaching the student with both diagnosed and un-diagnosed dyslexia.

Barton Reading & Spelling Program System

The Barton system is an Orton Gillingham influenced method of teaching an individual who has or is suspected of having dyslexia.  It gives them the skills necessary to become a better reader and speller.  It is research and evidenced base and is an explicit, targeted,  intense, systematic  intervention.  It has been approved by California, Colorado, and Arkansas Boards of Education.  It supports common core standards and meets the requirements for No Child Left Behind.

Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic Inc
Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic Inc

Orton-Gillingham Approach for Development and Education

Reading and spelling skills are directly taught and practiced with feedback until independent work shows mastery of the concepts taught.  Concepts are taught sequentially in small steps and linked to what has already been taught. There is constant review and reinforcement of skills.  Progress is reviewed and monitored frequently.

Our Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe place for an individual to learn.
  • Support not only the student but parents.
  • Empower and encourage parents and student.
  • Provide honest assessments based on our knowledge and skills.
  • Be good stewards of our time with the student.
Hurdles Dyslexia Clinic Inc